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Membership Update

NEW Addition to Your Online Membership Account Available!

Proudly introducing a new addition to online membership accounts. All members will now be able to view or print an online version of their current ADHA membership card. This can be accessed by logging into your Member's Only account by visiting: Once in, you will see an option for "Membership Card" on the left hand side.

Membership Information & Privileges

With over 300 pages, the ADHA website covers a wealth of information important to dental hygienists. To obtain the latest in oral health news, consumer tips, and ADHA activities, visit for additional information. Your membership also qualifies you for discounted hotel rates at over 4,000 hotels nationwide.

2015 Graduates Transition to Active ADHA Membership

Why should I transition my membership? 

Transitioning your student membership to the professional membership allows you to experience active membership for free.

What is Active Membership?

Active membership is a professional membership in the American Dental Hygienists' Association. As an active member, you can attend, and become involved in, your constituent and component meetings. You can hold office and serve on the Board of Trustees and House of Delegates.

How do I transition my student membership?

1. On your online profile at

2. By calling Member Services at (312) 440-8900, press 1.

3. By e-mail:

I can't login to my online profile, and my e-mail address has changed?

If you are having trouble logging onto your profile, please call membership at (312) 440-8900 or e-mail Include your first and last name as well as your state in your e-mail.

What information do I need to transition?

To transition, you will need your ADHA ID#, license number and the state of licensure. I want to transition, but I cannot find my ADHA ID#. If you cannot find your ADHA ID#, please call ADHA Membership at (312) 440-8900 or e-mail Include your first and last name as well as your state.

Do I keep this same ADHA ID# when I become an Active Member?

Yes, you will keep the same ADHA ID# when you transition from student to active member.

2015 Graduates Transition to ADHA Memership

Contact group Secretary, Tara Hollingsworth at  to join your New Graduates Mentor Committee and Transition Team.   

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